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Cool Applications

  • Autonomuos Micro Robots - Applications and Limitations - Ph.D. thesis that discusses a lot of nice apps in chapter "Experiments and Applications"
  • amigobot - they distinguish "classromm apps" and "research apps" and show numerous pictures of their "PatrolBot", "PeopleBot", "AllTerrainBot", or "PowerBot" in action
  • Dynamic Coverage via Multi-Robot Cooperation - discusses how robots should move to cover maximum area and still no partitioning ocours. This will be very useful for patroling or exploring robots, moveable routers, and rescue actions.
  • Swarm Based Robotics - shows a nice app where robots cooperatively push a heavy object. Their autonomous behavior (without communication) resembles an ant colony
  • The Ants - nice apps like: Clustering Around Food, Tagging (catch a robot and tag it), or Manhunt (team tagging), including video sequences of these demo apps

Conferences and Workshops



Three - Netboo Roboter von RoBeDo Robotics
Three - Netboo Roboter von RoBeDo Robotics
  • ulrichc.de - Unterschiedliche Roboter, Heavy Duty Radfahrgestell, Sicherheitsroboter etc
Heavy Duty Radfahrgestell von ulrichc.de mit 100 Tragkraft
Heavy Duty Radfahrgestell von ulrichc.de mit 100 Tragkraft

Controller und Bauteile


Spezielle Roboter

SmartKanban Transportroboter

Als Demonstrator für das SmartKanban Projekt wird ein Transportroboter speziell für Kanban-Stapelboxen aufgebaut. Mehr dazu unter SmartKanban-Robot.

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